On the road again!

14. 12. 2014 | † 16. 04. 2015 | kód autora: 0pa
So we have finally started! After many months of hard work and studies I have started to travel wit part of my team around the world. To tell you a bit more about it..I am a team couch working for one Scandinavian NGO and part of our 2 years program is 3 months of travelling around specific countries we will choose in order to make an investigation based on several topics as is: The world biggest religions, The rural life, The world for all and some of our own interest.. I will explain more about this later on. But the main reason of this blog is more to express personal feelings, emotions, moods, moments and enjoy this writing itself. Sometimes we just need to spit things out in the air without any purpose - and whoever wants to, will catch it there. Please feel welcomed to explore the soul of Turkey, Iran, Nepal, Tibet, India and Africa in 9 months with me. Make nice coffee, tea or just sit comfortably and I hope you enjoy this ride with me! Thank you for being here, your, Happy Traveller.

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